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Includes Accurate Sampling, Quality Control, And Complete Analysis  
Includes Weight talling and control at the Bulk scale or Crane Scale at Wharf.  
Sampling of a batch of rice.

Moisture Content Determination On a Batch of Rice
Moisture Tester Calibration
Paddy Grading (Dockage - Foreign Matters - Damages, etc.)
Cargo Rice Grading ( Paddy - Red - Green - Damaged, etc.)
Milled Rice Grading ( Damages - Chalkiness - Discoloration, etc.)
Broken Rice Cargo ( Damaged - Foreign Matter - Red, etc.)
Broken Rice Milled ( Damaged - Discoloration - Red, etc.)
Color Uniformity Parboiled (Milled) (Internal RICELAB method)
Biometric analysis Cargo  Milled
Broken content determination of Cargo or Milled Rice (Includes Biometry)
Whole Kernel Content in Broken Rice (Cargo or Milled)
Granulometry Broken Rice (5 Categories)
YIELD DETERMINATION (Method ISO 6646 with vertical cone polisher)
Paddy to Cargo rice - Shelling yield determination
Cargo to Milled Rice - Milling Yield Determination (Includes Biometry)
Paddy to Milled rice - Shelling and Milling yield determination (Includes Broken Content Determ.)
Milled Rice Complete Analysis (Includes Moisture Content - Broken Content - Grading)
Cargo Rice Analysis (Includes Moisture Content - Milling Yield - Grading Cargo )
Cargo Rice Complete Analysis ( Includes Cargo Rice Analysis plus Grading of Milled Rice )
Paddy Simple Analysis ( Includes Moisture Content - Grading of Paddy )
Paddy Shelling Analysis (Includes Simple Plus Shelling Yield)
Paddy Grading Analysis (Includes Shelling Plus Grading of Cargo)
Paddy Milling Analysis (Includes Grading Plus Milling Yield)
Paddy Complete Analysis (Includes Milling Analysis Plus Grading Milled Rice)
A scrutinary analysis is carried out 
on each sample of rice for Quality Certification.

Quality Certification

At the lab, with the help of State of the Art equipment, we analyze and grade the final composite sample obtained. This results are the final grade of the rice batch.

Accurate Sampling

Accurate sampling of a batch of Rice is necessary to obtain a Representative sample of the batch of Rice. Different probes and methods are used according to the bagging. Samples are taken according to the GAFTA Sampling rules and ISO 9003 Standards
We sample and Control 
each single bag of Rice
With precise instruments we 
measure the size of the Rice Kernels.

Broken Content

The percentage of Broken Kernels has a direct impact on the value of the Rice. At RICELAB we have the necessary equipment and technique to determine precisely the Broken Content in the Rice.

Moisture Content Determination

The Moisture Content is a crucial factor on the quality of the rice. Interanationally, 14% is accepted as maximum. Rice with higher moisture content may suffer serious damages.
By electronic testers or 
Constant Temperature Air Oven 
we determine the moisture content  
in the rice.
By means of accurate Sampling and 
regular grading controls, we control 
the uniformity of quality in a batch 
of rice.

Quality Control

Presently we control the quality of an average of 60,000 MT of Rice being exported from Guyana. Occassionally, upon request, we also travel to Suriname to perform controls there.

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