9th September 2004

	Attn:	Minister Satyadeow Sawh 
		Ministry of Agriculture
		Regent St. - Bourda

	Honorary Minister,

	We are pleased to inform you that IMB-Rizlab is now  fully  equipped,  established and  registered 
	in Guyana under  the  Business  Names  Registration    Act,  Chapter 90:05: IMB-RICELAB © , R.N.3H 
        386666 No. Certif. 73655.
	The  staff  of  IMB-RICELAB ©  has  over six (6) years experience in Quality Control in Guyana and 
	shares the knowledge of ten (10) years experience of Rice Analysis in Curaçao and sixty (60) years 
	experience in Rice Quality from its parent company Laboratoriz in France.

	IMB-RICELAB ©  is an  Independent  Laboratory,  totally  committed to continue to provide the best 
        services in Quality Control of Rice for the export and domestic markets, and has now expanded into 
        the following areas:
		Accurate Sampling
		Quality Control 
		Moisture Content Determination
		Shelling and Milling Yields
		Sample Grading Analysis
		Quality Certification
		Surveying Services

	Under the Insignia IMB, IMB-RICELAB ©  will also keep on providing the following:
		Hold Cleanliness Inspections
		Water Tightness Testing in Vessels
		Container Fitness Inspections
		Merchandises Tallying 
		Any inspection or survey that our IMB staff is qualified for.

	While  in  process to  regain  its  accreditations,  IMB-RICELAB ©  will continue to work strictly 
        under GAFTA Sampling Rules and ISO Standards. 

	The Management and Staff of IMB-RICELAB ©  wish to thank you for the support given  throughout the 
        past years and seek to continue the mutual cooperation for the years to come.  

	Yours sincerely
	Pierre Boucher

	Cc: Mr. Jagnarine Singh (GRDB)	
	Mr. Dharankumar Seeraj (RPA)
	Mr. Chatterpaul Ramcharran (GNBS) 
	Mr. Beni Sankar (GRMEDA/CRA) 
	Mr. Azim Hosain (CARDI)

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